The Pigeon Drop

This con is a reliable old favorite amongst grifters. Pigeons or marks are offered a large sum of money to take hold of if they invest a little of their own to secure confidence. The con artist than swaps the combined total for a worthless package while keeping the real cash. This scam works so [...]

Grifters Toolbag

Grifters or con artists have a wide selection of psychological techniques which can be utilized to swindle the fruits of your hard day’s labor.  Unlike ordinary thieves confidence tricksters employ complex psychological manipulations to exploit weaknesses found within us all. Below is comprehensive list of various techniques cons use to make you their next victim. [...]

Advanced Fee Fraud thumbnail

Advanced Fee Fraud

This confidence trick has its origins starting in the 16th century where the hustler tells their victim they are in correspondence with a person of great wealth falsely imprisoned in Spain. Due to the sensitivity of the matter the prisoner must rely on a friend to raise funds with an emphasis in secrecy to avoid [...]